My general conditions

The First Session
Two aspects will be covered in the first session, one of which is getting to know each other. You will get an outlook on my working methods and you will get a feeling vis-à-vis my person. We will be able to find out if we are “compatible”, a prerequisite for achieving good results.

The second aspect involves my understanding of your symptoms. I will do my best to find out which needs and wants have motivated you to seek therapy, what your therapeutic objectives and wishes are and if there are any underlying doubts or fears on your part. Since I will use this information as the basis of my work, plenty of time will be earmarked for this first session (approx. 60-70 minutes). The cost of this first session will be 100 €.

You can either pay my fee by remittance or cash after each session. The rate per session (50 minutes) is 100 €. I may consider granting a reduced rate if you are in a hardship situation (all rights reserved).

As a psychotherapist I am legally bound by § 15 (of….add law) to treat all information given to me by my clients with confidentiality. Naturally, this law is in agreement with my belief system. However, there are two exceptions to the rule of confidentiality: first, if there is a reasonable suspicion that a client might harm himself or others and second, in the course of supervision where I will reflect my therapeutic intervention in an anonymous form with other psychotherapists for quality control reasons. Of course the other psychotherapists are bound by the same code of confidentiality as I am.

Cancelling a Session
The following rule will be in place in my practice for the cancellation of a session: you will be able to cancel an appointment cost-free up to 24 hours ahead of the appointment per sms or message to my voice mail. Please note that I will not be able to cancel sessions at a shorter notice than 24 hours since I will have already reserved my time and capacity exclusively for you. In this instance, the full rate will be charged.

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