What is integrative gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy is an experiential form of psychotherapy that focuses on the individual’s experience of feelings and needs in the present moment. It offers techniques of expressions that allow the client to achieve a better awareness and perception of inner processes, feelings and needs. In this form of therapy the human being is seen as a unit of body, mind and soul. The goal of the therapeutic process is to bring your thoughts, feelings, mental images and fantasies as well as body perceptions to the surface. This allows the therapist to get an insight into your hidden, subconscious, unfinished and unresolved (thus open) processes (“offene Gestalten”) that have their origin in the past but manifest themselves in the here and now. These unresolved processes are responsible for your present feelings, thoughts and perceptions and they undermine your present life.

In addition to the face-to-face conversation, I can offer you as a Gestalt therapist, if required and desired, other expression techniques such as:

  • drawing, painting,
  • The use of symbols and systemic constellations work
  • Physical awareness exercises, relaxation exercises and
  • Visualization exercises

This way you will not only become aware of issues and patterns, but you will also experience them first-hand.

This leads to a lasting behavioural change and in addition to more life satisfaction

Further to this method:

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