“To embrace oneself with love is an important step towards change” (quotation by Amira Tönig)

Therapy for Adolescents and Adults -
Yes, it can become easier for you!

Do any of the below conditions sound familiar to you or do you suffer from any of the below?

Do you feel…

  • listless, exhausted or sometimes sad
  • anxious or insecure
  • tense or irritated
  • not loveable at times
  • do you momentarily feel overwhelmed by a life event or situation or are you at your wits’ end with a problem (a life change, a change of fate, an illness, grieving for a lost one)?

Or do you simply aspire to get to know yourself better and understand your underlying patterns?

Would you like to…

  • be happy and fill your life with laughter again
  • feel good about yourself and bristle with self confidence
  • relax and feel in peace with yourself and the world
  • calm down, be content and take the weight off your shoulders
  • be able to find a solution to your Problem

I will support and guide you through your personal process with all my competence, knowledge and also experience as a human being. I will give you the space necessary to confront the problems you are currently facing in an atmosphere of openness, mindfulness, love and respect.