Psychotherapeutic Surgery in Vienna (1090)

Surgery for Psychotherapy for Adolescents and Adults in German, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and English in Vienna

You are seeking

  • a new approach in order to deal with a difficult life situation or event;
  • psychotherapeutic counseling in German, English or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian;
  • psychotherapy for an adult or young adult.

You are looking for

  • a counselor who will help you find a tangible solution to a specific problem or conflict.

I will support you and guide you through your process of transformation and on your personal path towards happiness, growth and fulfillment.

Your are looking for psychotherapy in Vienna? My Psychotherapeutic Surgery in the Schubertviertel in 1090 Vienna?

My surgery for psychotherapy is located in 1090 Vienna, in Nussdorfer Straße 65. It is located next to public transportation. The U6 station Nussdorfer Straße is only 2 minutes away and the trams 37, 38 and D only 3 minutes by foot. Some clients use the Währinger Park which is only 5 minutes away for their personal chill-out zone after therapy.

The surgery can be reached by an elevator. There are only a few steps. So if you need any help, let me now.

A normal psychotherapeutic setting would be once a week. The first session is normally used for determining the recommended frequency of psychotherapy depending on your special needs.


You are looking for psychotherapy in the languages (German, English and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) in Vienna?

I was born in Vienna and grew up in a bilingual setting with both German and Bosnian/Croatian /Serbian. I know from experience what it is like to grow up as a migrant in a foreign country and I am aware of the difficulties and ramifications resulting from such a situation. In the meantime, many studies have been conducted on the correlation between migration and psychological health. A fairly new branch of psychology has arisen from this development: Transcultural Psychotherapy.
I know that it is paramount for a client with a history of migration that the psychotherapy is offered in his language and that the counselor is aware of his cultural background and the circumstances arising from such. This knowledge will facilitate a better understanding on the part of the psychotherapist. Owing to my personal experience I am cognizant of the processes inherent in migration and I can switch between German and Bosnian/Croatian and Serbian, according to the situational needs.

Since I have always been interested in languages, I have obtained a degree in teaching, my major being English. This allows me to offer psychotherapy in English as a second language. Again, my experience from teaching English and my knowledge about migration and the importance of using one’s mother tongue in certain sequences of therapy will all serve to bolster the therapeutic process.

If you have different mother tongue than Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian or English, I know how important it is to use your mother tongue at specific therapeutic points.


Your are looking for psychotherapy for Adolescent or Young Adult in Vienna?

Young adults and adolescents have always been able to touch my heart. I have always liked dealing with teenagers and their direct, vivid, sometimes unruly, sometimes reserved and passive approach to life which can turn the world of adults upside down at times. That's why I have decided to go into teaching. I have obtained a degree from teacher’s college (“Pädagogische Hochschule”).

I have also developed a special interest in learning and developmental psychology and I can look back with joy on 15 years of experience as a teacher in an Austrian middle school , a fact which will be invaluable in working with young adults. I have also completed a practical two-year traineeship in a psychiatric hospital ward for children and adolescents where I have obtained a sound hands-on experience in the work with adolescents.

All of the above have allowed me to deal with teenagers and their specific age-related emotional, social or academic problems sometimes manifesting as rebellion, withdrawal, resistance or a crisis in a knowledgeable and supportive way. And I will be able to speak their language if they have a Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian background.